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Solang valley, Manali, Kullu Manali, Himachal Pradesh   shimla church, church shimla, church himachal pradesh, ridge church shimla, christ church shimla
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Solang valley, Manali, Kullu Manali, Himachal Pradesh   shimla church, church shimla, church himachal pradesh, ridge church shimla, christ church shimla
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  shimla church, church shimla, church himachal pradesh, ridge church shimla, christ church shimla
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A touch of happiness wherever you go, Global guarantees your Golden Tour Warm Greetings from ‘HIMACHAL HEIGHTS & VALLEYS' Shimla.

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The following officers of the Govt. & HPHSA were present in the meeting.

    1. Dr. Gurdev Singh, Director of Horticulture, HP
    2. Dr. Arvind Gupta, Project Director Mushroom, HP
    3. Dr. Devinder  S. Thakur, State President, HPHSA
    4. Dr. I.D. Gupta, Advisor, HPHSA
    5. Dr. Vinod Sharma, Vice President, HPHSA
    6. Dr. Rajeshwar Parmar, Joint Secretary, HPHSA
    7. Dr. AP Kapoor, Press Secretary, HPHSA
    8. Dr. Vidya Sagar Sharma, President, Distt. Unit, , HPHSA Solan
    9. Dr. Kushal Mehta, President, Distt. Unit, HPHSA Shimla
    10. Dr. Ram Lal Sandhu, President, Distt. Unit, HPHSA Bilaspur
    11. Dr. Ajay Raghu Vanshi, President, Distt. Unit, HPHSA Sirmour
    12. Dr. Ashok Dhiman, President, Distt. Unit, HPHSA Una
    13. Dr. Tek Chand, President, Distt. Unit, HPHSA Mandi
    14. Dr. Tej Ram Bushehri, President, Distt. Unit, HPHSA Kullu
    15. Dr. S.K Chaudhary, Shimla
    16. Dr. S.M. Katiha, Shimla
    17. Dr. MM Sharma, Shimla
    18. Dr. Balwant Guleria, Shimla
    19. Dr. Gareeb Dass Bhatia, Mandi
    20. Dr. Ramesh Thukral, Kullu
    21. Dr. B.S. Negi, Shimla
    22. Dr. Kirti Sinha, Shimla
    23. Dr. AD Bhalooni, Kinnaur
    24. Dr. Dharmvir Kalta, Shimla
    25. Dr. Ranjan Sharma, Solan
    26. Dr. Amit Sharma, Bilaspur
    27. Dr. Chameli Negi, Kinnaur

At the outset, the President of the Association thanked Principal Secretary (Horticulture) for sparing time for the meeting with HPHSA and to redress the grievances of Horticulture Officers. Thereafter, one by one agenda items were discussed in the meeting.

  1. Review of the action taken on the proceedings of the last meeting held on 02.07.2011 under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary (Horticulture):
  2. Restructuring of Horticulture Department: After detailed discussions, it was decided that the directorate will send a reply on every point along with the organization structure of the State Agriculture Department within seven days so that further action could be taken in the matter.
  3. Confirmation of HPHS-I officers: The cases have been sent for Vigilance clearance.
  4. Placement/promotion of Horticulture officers: It was informed that the promotions/placements of officers is under process & will be done shortly.
  5. Withholding of retirement dues of HPHS-I Officers: The case is under process.
  6. Strengthening of Mobility: Complete information on the sanctioned fleet strength and staff position of drivers be sent for taking decision in the matter within three days. If at all there is a shortage of the drivers, they can be engaged from outsource.
  7. Grant of step up to eligible HPHS-I Officers: The matter shall be considered on the analogy of the previous cases.
  8. Filling up of vacant posts of HDOs: The matter is under process.
  9. Study leave case of HDOs: The pending cases of Study leave shall be considered and decided on merit.
  10. Regarding implementation of Punjab Govt. decision on revision of pay scales of Horticulture Officers: The case has been forwarded to the Department of Finance for consideration.
  11. Regarding Regularization Policy for Horticulture Development Officers working on contract basis: The Government is in process of formulating a uniform policy for all the contractual employees of the state and the matter shall be dealt with accordingly.
  12. Rationalization of staff posted in different offices functioning in the Directorate complex: The Director of Horticulture will finalize the requirement of staff for every branch in the directorate in consultation with a Committee of Officers comprising of the Joint Director Horticulture, Administrative Officer, Assistant Controller (F&A), Branch In charges and President, HPHSA and sort out intra branches issues and deployment of staff by 5th May 2012. 
  13. Quota of HPHS-I officers for Himachal Administrative Services:

It was assured that the case to allot 5% quota to HPHS-I Officers in State Administrative services will be forwarded to the Department of Personnel for consideration..

  1. Training and Exposure Visit of Horticulture officers: The proposal was agreed.
  2. Enhancement of financial powers to Deputy Directors: The Director Horticulture shall send suitable proposal for revising the financial powers to the Deputy Directors.

A virtual platform for Office Supplies

That evening was followed by two days of interviews in which we saw the heart of a man who said, "I want God to be in focus and glorified. I do not
want any glory for myself." We asked him many of the questions you might ask: "Was it an unusual day when you had the first experience?" He said,
"No, it was just an ordinary, runofthemill
day before I went to bed that night. Angels are the last thing I would have thought of when I sat up in
We were both fascinated with his knowledge, not only of the Bible, but of the scriptural references as well. It seemed his total conversation was
direct from the Word of God! We asked him if he had always had the good memory which he has had since he returned from the Throne Room. He
said, "I would have to say 'no.' Before this experience I had to use the scriptures that I knew, so I studied and read the Bible over and over again. I
have been in the ministry many, many years, and I always had to use a concordance to look up verses, but for the 2,000 verses God gave me I don't
have to do that any more. I don't even have to read them from the Bible when I speak, because I JUST KNOW THEM!"

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Anytime and anywhere

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Ideal for busy and hectic buyers

Eventful elders and busy businessmen have realized the benefit of online shopping. The convenience is impeccable and indispensible. The time spent on long queues and tiring road traffic can now be saved. The online market has thousands of office supply websites. Moreover, buyers are not forced to look into the eyes of rude shop keepers anymore! They can review products, search through the world famous brands and request for price quotations! The power to choose and the freedom to question is made a lot stronger through the novel strategy. Similarly, customers can rate the virtual service to help novice buyers!

Relaxing with technology

Technology has offered customers with an extra level of relaxation. Buyers can create accounts to monitor their purchases. These accounts will have a detailed description of the order history, notifications, wish lists and paid invoices. Customers can also track the delivery of their office supplies. The office equipment orders will be delivered within one to two days. The time frame will depend on the location and quantity.

Reduce, gain and enjoy!

Office supplies are required for a large number of purposes and activities. There will be a point in life, when a reasonable amount of money has to be allocated for office supplies. This increases the need for an idealistic purchase strategy. The method has to reduce expenditure, make certain on swift buys and assure on product quality. One way by which high quality office supplies can be bought would be through online platforms.

The added benefit

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The comeback of Punk Clothing

The fashion world has always made a comeback in thirty years. The colorful shirts, large earrings and funky belts have never ceased to impress the young and old. Given for this statement, a variety of punk apparel collections have helped the younger generation to raise an attitude. Punk apparel alias punk fashion is a line of unique clothes, hairstyles, “one of a kind” cosmetics and authentic jewelry. The distinct wear can be spread across a wide spectrum of genres, this includes the styles of Vivienne Westwood and great legendary music troupes like “The Exploited”. Punk clothing is mix of subcultures and intrinsic traditions.

Punk influenced clothing!

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Style from the 80’s

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For men and For women!

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Filling nights with entertainment and days with fun

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Who Is Roland Buck?
Born: Everett, Washington, June 13, 1918
Graduated from Northwest College, Seattle, WA, 1939
Pastored churches in Granger and Yakima, WA, and Gooding and Boise, Idaho.
Pastor of Central Assembly of God Christian Life Center, Boise, Idaho, from 1950 present.
Average Sunday morning attendance in 1978 was about
Married Charmian Jacobson, June 13, 1942
Born Again spiritually in 1929, and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit at the same time.
Charmian was Born Again at age 10, and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit at age 21.
This is the true story of an ordinary man who has experienced an extraordinary series of events.
When we first heard of Roland Buck, we had been sharing the story of how God had placed a special warrior angel with us to protect us from the
fiery darts of the devil until Jesus comes back. A couple asked us, "Have you heard about the pastor in Boise, Idaho, who has been having
visitations from angels? They have been talking to him and bringing messages from God."
Even in these days when the supernatural power of God is more in evidence than ever before, this shocked us; especially when Doug and Ruth told
us that Gabriel was the one who brought the messages! For a moment it sounded like the most wayout
statement we had ever heard, but somehow
or other, there was such a ring of truth to it that we had a hungering created in our hearts to hear more!
Our busy schedule kept us from calling this pastor to find out any of the details, but in God's perfect plan he kept nudging and nudging us to contact
Roland Buck about writing a book. We were still too bogged down with other work, so we didn't do it! Then God really got busy when we continued
being too busy! He brought a couple down to Houston from Sitka, Alaska, who had stopped by Eugene, Oregon, and picked up a series of "angel"
tapes they wanted us to listen to. They were bubbling over because they had listened to these tapes all the way from Oregon to Texas. All they
could say was, "You've got to listen to them you've
got to listen to them!"
And listen we did! Every time we got in the car, the tape player came on with another angel tape. At night when we went to bed, we went to sleep
listening to "angel" tapes, until one Friday afternoon Charles said, "I am utterly compelled to call Pastor Buck to see if we can interview him with the
idea of writing a book. These messages from the angels are so fantastic, the entire world needs to hear them." Frances was equally fascinated with
the idea of angels talking to an individual, so we both went to the telephone to make the call.
Pastor Buck immediately invited us to minister in his church in the evenings and said he would be more than happy to cooperate with interviews in
the daytime. Although he assured us that the heart of the messages the angels had given him were on the tapes we had listened to, he said there
might be some extras we would be interested in hearing. We could hardly wait to get there!
We arrived on a Sunday evening just minutes before the church service, and afterwards we went out for a bite to eat with Roland and Charmian
Buck. If there had been any skepticism in our hearts before then, it was gone as he began to share from his heart some of the beautiful truths the
angels have brought to him directly from God.






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